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Besson Street Trust is a UK registered charity. Here you can find infomation about our policies, mission and vision and our Trustees, who have responsibility for ensuring the charity is effectively and for the purposes for which it is set up.

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is responsible for setting strategic direction, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, safeguarding assets, and overseeing Besson Street Trust's activities to fulfill our charitable objectives while acting in the best interests of its beneficiaries and stakeholders.


Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to work with local people to develop resilience, increase self-confidence and improve wellbeing. We achieve this by delivering opportunities for lifelong learning, encouraging healthy lifestyles, building social networks and enhancing the environment. 

Our Vision is a connected community in New Cross Gate, with better opportunities and improved health and wellbeing outcomes, creating positive change for residents. 

Annual report

Annual Report

Details about Besson Street Trust, including the latest published accounts, can be found on the Charity Commission website

Lettings Policy

Lettings policy

Besson Street Trust funds a significant proportion of its charitable activities and support for other local community groups using income generated from several residential and commercial properties. These properties were purchased by the Central Government’s New Deal for Communities Scheme (2001-2011) and assets were transferred to the Trust in 2013 on the understanding that we would use the rental income from the properties to support our charitable objectives. 

In accordance with Charity Commission guidance the purpose of these investments is to yield the best financial return for the Trust. We will comply with this requirement while at the same time ensuring that the businesses that occupy our commercial properties assist us in meeting our charitable objectives. We will encourage tenants that make a positive contribution to the area; aesthetically, economically, and socially. We will not lease our commercial properties to businesses whose activities are contrary to the achievement of these objectives, for example bookmakers or short-term loan companies. For our residential properties, we will be a good landlord, providing a responsive service to our tenants and providing them with secure, well-maintained properties, stable tenure and fair rent. 

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